Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In The Lap Of The Mods – The Action on DVD

Lights! Cameras! The Action!!!!

Following on from last years excellent book of the same name, here’s a timely DVD re-issue of the story of The Action featuring some rare 60’s clips, fan interviews and footage from the bands reformation gigs at The Dome and the 100 Club. The Action hold a very special place in the heart of every Mod and it was no mean feat when Rob Bailey announced he had got them back together back in 1998, Rob even received a phone call from devoted fan Phil Collins offering to help wherever he could. Others had tried and floundered, usually hitting a dead end when told singer Reggie King had died, you can imagine my surprise when informed by a band I managed that Reg drank in their local working men’s club and I was subsequently introduced to him in 1995 in my local pub. Mark Raison had stumbled across guitarist Pete Watson in a music shop around the same time but credit where it’s due, Rob pulled the biggest rabbit out of the hat by trekking down the other 3 members Alan King, Mike Evans and Roger Powell and getting them all together for a few gigs. Thankfully he also had the foresight to film some of the gigs, ok there’s a few warts here and there which you’d expect after a 30 year hiatus, but there are also moments where the band hit the spot with tight harmonies which send a shiver down the spine. I’m assuming the DVD hasn’t been re-mastered from the original video tape, hence the slightly fuzzy sound* but all in all, it’s a neat document of a very special band whose records still pack a dance floor to this day and will do for many more years to come. The DVD is available from here for £9.99 plus postage.
*Since posting this review Rob Bailey has informed me that the master tape has since been located and the sound problem now rectified.


  1. I can't get the link to play. Where can I view it?

    1. Click the word 'here" and it will send you to the webpage.

  2. Alternatively click the bottom left of the screen, not the play arrow, and that link will play. Good work Dave.