Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Godfathers – Jukebox Fury - Godfathers Recordings

 First new studio album since 1995’s Afterlife.

It’s all looking good for The Godfathers, with a support slot on The 

Stranglers tour and a mighty fine new 12 track album released at the start of March.  I love the title Jukebox Fury, already my contender for album title of the year. Let Your Hair Hang Down opens the album, it’s low down and dirty and if Bolan had lasted long enough to take in punk, I could imagine him doing something similar.  If I Only Could is more poppier, there’s a Byrds-esque twang to Del Bartles guitar in the middle.
Next up is Primitive Man which is classic Godfathers all the way, a great guitar riff with Peter Coyne spitting out the words with a growl and is followed by last years download single The Outsider, this time there’s a great organ riff throughout, as Coyne’s vocal menaces like he means it. And you just know that he does.
The only cover on the album is a beefed up take on Link Wray’s I’m Branded, all twanging, brooding surf guitar while A Can Of Worms veers towards Squeeze territory with a vocal delivery similar to Chris Difford.
Another download single Back Into The Future follows with more hypnotic, killer guitar riffs,  before I Can’t Sleep Tonight throws a touch of The Ramones into the mix.
Mary Baby nods towards West Coast 60’s pop with a twist of psychedelia thrown in for good measure, and Theme To The End Of The World echoes back to those great spaghetti western film scores.  The Man In The Middle is straight ahead garage rock and grows with each play before the album closes with Thai Nights which could easily pass for John Lennon.  The Godfathers have always been a straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll band, never afraid to hide from their influences preferring to embrace and build upon them. Thankfully, that hasn’t changed, this album is a testament to that and long may it continue. 

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